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I tried on corsets on Saturday, and didn't find any that both fit me and struck my fancy. (It is extremely gratifying when the people selling corsets say, "you're so tiny!" after discarding the second or third corset that was too big.) On Sunday, however, we went back to the dealers' room with the sole purpose of finding a corset for astridsdream. we approached the corset booth, and there was the most gorgeous gold corset on a mannequin. It looked likely to be our size. "One of us is walking out of this room with that corset!" It ended up being me. I didn't really mean to buy a corset this weekend, but the one I have is not terribly well designed, and digs in at the waist. I did need a new one. The assistant laced me up, and I looked lovely. Kitty came over and said, "I want to see cleavage," and rather suddenly laced me up tighter. Done with me, she turned her attention to astridsdream. We didn't get any pictures of either of us in the corsets we bought, but there will be pictures once the entire ensembles are composed. I'm half-wishing I'd let Kitty sell me a chemise, because her stuff is very high quality.

Also on Sunday, I played dress-up at the kimono booth in the dealers' room. This is me with the woman running the kimono booth. I commented that the weekend seemed to feature rather a lot of people tying me up.

Rebecca and the nice woman who tied her up.

Intricate knot in back.

astridsdream and I weren't the only ones playing dress-up on Sunday afternoon.

doctorconquest, looking haughtier than anyone living in this century has any business looking.

And finally, a couple more pictures with Rothfuss. These are from Saturday night.

rebeccafrog, doctorconquest, astridsdream, and Pat Rothfuss



jillithe From: jillithe Date: October 8th, 2008 02:33 am (UTC) (Link)
Well, you are tiny indeed :)
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